daCi (dance and the Child international) returns to Canada!

Sunday July 11 to Friday July 16, 2021

Hosted at York University in Toronto

As dance is a reflection of our culture, the ways in which we celebrate life is through movement, in community. The power of a dance community intermingling with another dance community is that dance creates conversations that link and build on each other as people engage with various groups, ‘cross pollinate ideas and discover new insights into the issues that are most important in their life, work or community’.
- Peter Block in Community: The structure of belonging

Conference Location

The primary location for movement sessions and performances will be the Accolade East Building (ACE) within the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design. ACE is in the centre of the York campus, directly across from the York University subway station. Some accommodations, particularly for groups, will be available on campus. There also are nearby hotels that are suitable for families, and anyone wishing to stay in downtown Toronto can get to York by subway in 40 minutes.


Toronto’s Geography
Located on Lake Ontario, Toronto is located near wine country, within a ninety minute drive to Niagara Falls, the famous Shaw Festival, and the American border. The Niagara region offers the arts, wonderful food and wine as well as recreational opportunities for both children and adults. 

The daCi Conference in Toronto will:


  • Focus on interactions amongst diverse communities;

  • Foster intergenerational dance opportunities;

  • Create partnerships and promote ongoing community conversations before, during and after the conference;

  • Focus on children’s and young people’s creativity, respecting and giving them ownership of the outcome;

  • Explore relationships between movement and music in communities;

  • Share and discuss research related to teaching, learning, and the role of the body in creative practice;

  • Facilitate connections among dancers, choreographers, teachers and researchers.


Canadian daCi members and dance supporters look forward to welcoming you to Canada in July 2021. All conference activities will be held in north-west Toronto at York University, Canada’s third largest post-secondary institution with more than 50,000 students.

Our theme is Dancing into Communities.

Dance is pervasive in all our cultures. Aided by the technologies of today, children, adolescents and adults can share their own dances and witness the dances of others in many ways, going far beyond their own communities. At the daCi conference, we add the potential for observing, performing and creating dances together, establishing new communities, discovering new insights and forming connections that were previously unknown.